NASA Tour Includes the following:-
Exclusivity… Distinctive experiences unique to Space Center Houston such as “Brunch with an Astronaut”, expert speakers with Q & A opportunities and venue tours and maybe even launch your rocket from an actual launch test pad!
Innovation…STEM rich engineering-based team activities that support NGS standards using scenarios that sustainability, global awareness, habitat construction, space exploration, SIM activities, “astronaut training” and, of course…rocket science.
Authenticity…Behind the scenes access to “the real thing”; visit actual astronaut training and work facilities at Johnson Space Center such as Rocket Park, the Prototype Habitat, NASA Food Lab and Neutral Buoyancy Lab.
Cool Factor…Experience Zero-G via scuba and gravity chairs, receive an Official NASA Passport to Explore, a Space University Graduation Certificate and medals for the winning team.

Astronauts Life…Living There

Gravity Gyrations
Students will get the opportunity to have the scuba diving session with a licensed NASA diver. In addition to all this get the opportunity to visit actual neutral Buoyancy Lab where astronauts gets training. Students will be provided with certain tasks to complete during underwater training exercise.
Capering Chairs
Participants will use the gravity chair to experience the effects of 1/3 gravity upon physical and mental agility in the human body.
Spaced Out Food
Taste some authentic astronaut packaged foods and try some favored recipes. Then plan a nutritionally balanced menu and make your own food with the same restrictions as the astronauts. Tour the real NASA Food Lab where space meals are assembled!
ISS and Beyond
What’s it like living in space? How do astronauts get enough clean water and air? What happens if something goes wrong? Are there alternate sources of energy? How do astronauts communicate and work with people from different cultures? Students will participate in SIM scenarios, build their own functioning habitat that sustains core areas of life while maintaining cultural and global awareness. Students will create a water filtration system, a renewable energy source and harvest their own oxygen via water electrolysis.

It’s Not Rocket Science…Oh, Wait, yes it is!
NASA Exclusives: Behind the Scenes

Reality Tours
Students are given the chance to see the real NASA in action. A few visits are given of NASA's Johnson Space Center highlighting both Mars and undertaking related subjects. Students could see memorable Mission Control Centers and the Space Station Mock-up Facility including its lifesize models of the International Space Station. See rockets up-close that were utilized as a part of the early space program. Take a selfie underneath the memorable Boeing 747 Shuttle Aircraft Carrier of the space shuttle. See thermal shields up close on the Independence underbelly.
Master Chat Hear presentations by NASA staff who are truly making space exploration happen. Have a remarkable and elite opportunity to make inquiries of a researcher in the field. Topics can incorporate Space Exploration, Engineers Without Borders, Rocket Propulsion, Mission Control, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, Robotics, Space Suit Design, Space Habitats and Space Physiology. NASA trusts it is restricted just by its creative ability… .come dream with us!
Student’s will be provided with the Certificates and NASA T-Shirts. Winning Team will be provided with the Medals and Award. In addition to all this students will also be taken to the nearest attractions as well like Downtown Aquarium and Kemah Boardwalk etc.