Overseas Admission Counseling Services

In today's hyper-overseas admission counseling services, emerging from the swarm is more vital and more troublesome than at any time in the past. At specific and highly selective colleges, high grades and standardized test scores are the norms. Incremental differences in GPA or in the SAT or ACT don’t influence admission choices. Rather, best universities, especially private colleges, use a procedure known as all holistic admissions to fill their classes. A customized list of 15 universities will be provided to the student which matches his/her profile out of which student can select 8 universities as per his/her choice including the timelines which states in which university one should apply early and in which university one need not to apply early. When you are certain of the Universities you need to apply to, the next step is to work upon the application essays, letters of recommendations, resume editing, so on and so forth. These papers are essential as they give the University's admission advisory board knowledge into your identity and uniqueness. Having dearth of time exploring schools and applying to them? Give us an opportunity to do the work for you. Our admission experts help you apply to the right schools in the right way. The Rising Careers Admissions Expert will check your application in every aspect and make sure that the submitted application is aptly filled. Puzzled, when to send your supporting documents to the various universities. Worry not, we will guide you what documents to send and when to send. Means before Admission or after Admission. Our Interview Preparation Service embodies 10% theory cum 90% practical assessment and mock interview session. We offer the Mock Interview session based around the kind of interviews a potential job seeking client searches for. The Interview Preparation Service totally readies the applicant to face any troublesome questioners of technical or human resource background and gives applicants the certainty to win the job interview. Visa Counseling Service embodies preparation the financial documents for issuance like I-20 is required for USA, COE for Australia, Offer Letter for Canada and CAS for UK. This is a very tedious and scientific approach made simple through our Visa Counseling Service. Every year, there are stories of students who receive admission offers, but are not given visas due to their performance in the visa interview.