Don't have time to spend hours analyzing schools and applying to them? Let us do the job for you. Our expert admissions counselors help you shortlist the best universities and colleges by showing you the right way.
A customized list of 15 universities will be provided to the student which matches his/her profile out of which student can select 8 universities as per his/her choice including the timelines which states in which university one should apply early and in which university one need not to apply early.
The list of Universities is divided in three categories which are mentioned as below:-
1. Dream - Universities: where chances of getting admission are less than or upto 50%.
2. Target- Universities: where chances of getting admission are 50 – 80%.
3. Reach -Universities: where chances of getting admissions are 80% or more.
In the lieu that an understudy doesn’t provide a logical methodology to pick up Universities, students may end up applying to the wrong Universities.
Our admissions Experts work with you to augment your chances of getting affirmations offers by verifying that you apply to the right sort of Universities that match your profile, and your desire.
We make sure to adhere the Admission Deadlines as we do understand how Financial Deadline is important for our student and in his life.