Visa Counseling Services

Visa Counseling Service embodies preparation the financial documents for issuance like I-20 is required for USA, COE for Australia, Offer Letter for Canada and CAS for UK.
This is a very tedious and scientific approach made simple through our Visa Counseling Service. Every year, there are stories of students who receive admission offers, but are not given visas due to their performance in the visa interview.
We, at Rising Careers offer to shower light on this experience with our Visa Counseling Service:-
Provide you the desired information and advice for booking the Visa dates.
Prepares you for the face to face Interview as and when required.
Provide guidance for paying the Visa fees and filling the Visa application forms.
Help you organize the required Visa documents and conduct mock Visa interview sessions.
Get financial certificate forms and guidelines issued by the University as well as provide you with samples of bank letter/statement and affidavit of support and referrals to
institutions issuing the loan.
We streamline your international school application process by providing you the right information at the right time so that you have a smooth journey – from start to the end!

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